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House System

House System

All the children and staff belong to one of four 'Houses' at our school, which are named after types of dolphin: Dusky, Spinner, Hector and Orca.

Everyone is very proud to be a member of a House. Every Friday, there is a whole school assembly to celebrate who has been working hard and demonstrated the school values. Celebration certificates are handed out to children and the House which has earned the most house points during the week is announced. Members of the winning House are allowed to wear home clothes to school on the following Monday - an award decided by the School Council.

The children created celebratory chants in their House groups and they use them when they have done really well, such as in assemblies or during sports days.

These are the chants that they created:


Dusky, Dusky, we’re a team,

Dusky, Dusky, we’re a dream.

Dusky, Dusky, we’re the best,

Dusky, Dusky, we’ll put you to the test.



Hector, Hector, we’re the best,

We are better than the rest.

We are bluer than the sky,

Hector House we always try.



Spinner, Spinner, we’re all winners,

Aiming high, we shoot through the sky.

You will always be a winner,

Never give up, super Spinners.



Orca, Orca, learning to leap,

Curiosity is what we seek.

Orca, Orca, in the sea,

We’re the best that we can be.


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