Coombe Road Primary School

Coombe Road Primary School

Every child, every family and every moment matters.

Milner Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 4BP

01273 077130

Our Staff

Our Staff


Mr S Scrase - Headteacher

Mrs C Burcombe - Assistant Headteacher/Special Educational Needs & Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo)/Designated teacher for looked after children


Ms C Warland - Business Manager

Ms K Folley - Senior Leader & Curriculum Lead


YR (Poppy Class): Mrs T Tribe & Mrs A Williams (PSHE/RSE Lead & Senior Mental Health First Aider)

Teaching support staff: Mr P Luckhurst, Mrs H Anderson, Mrs S Newman

Y1 (Buttercup Class): Ms J Watson (Science Lead/Professional Tutor)

Teaching support staff: Miss D Hudson

Y2 (Sunflower Class): Mr P O'Connor (Sports Lead)

Teaching support staff: Mrs A Butler & Ms W Garlick (INA)

Y3 (Emerald Class): Mr R Milsted (Writing Lead/Sports Lead)

Teaching support staff: Miss M Phillips & Miss H Asquith-Brown

Y4 (Indigo Class): Ms M Reeves (Maths Lead & KS1 Moderator)

Teaching support staff: Mrs S Mechen & Mrs S Newman

Y5/6 (Amethyst Class): Miss T Fay 

Teaching support staff: Mrs K White


Special educational needs & disability Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Suleyman 

Mrs S Whalen


Ms C Warland - School Business Manager & Welfare Officer

Miss Lumina Friedl - Office Manager & Attendance Officer

Mrs S Walker - Assistant to SENDCo (Wed & Thurs)


Ms C Warland - School Business Manager & Welfare Officer

Mrs G Pierce - Senior Learning Mentor 

Mrs L Chapman - Learning Mentor 

Boomer - Our PAT Dog


Mr S Rowe - Premises Manager

Mr J Tester - Cleaner/Premises 

Ms K Gibbs - Cleaner/Premises

lunch time supervisors 

Mrs S Mechen, Mrs A Kempster-Butler, Ms K Gibbs, Miss H Brown, Miss H Anderson, Miss D Hudson and Mrs S Newman


Mr G Marlow - ICT Technician


Miss L Friedl - Out of Hours Club Manager

Ms A Vallier - Breakfast Club & Buddies After School Club

Mr C Young - Breakfast Club & Buddies After School Club

First aid

Mr S Rowe - Workplace First-Aider/Defibrillator & CPR

Mr P Luckhurst - Paediatric First-Aider

Mr C Young - Paediatric First-Aider

Mrs A Vallier - Paediatric First-Aider

Ms J Watson - Paediatric First-Aider

Ms M Reeves - Paediatric First-Aider

Ms K Folley - Paediatric First-Aider

Mr P O'Connor - Paediatric First-Aider/Defibrillator & CPR

Mr R Milsted - Paediatric First-Aider/Defibrillator & CPR

Ms C Warland - Defibrillator & CPR

Miss L Friedl - Defibrillator & CPR

Safeguarding team

Mr S Scrase - Designated safeguarding lead

Mrs C Burcombe - Deputy designated safeguarding lead

Ms C Warland - Deputy designated safeguarding lead

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